WEDNESDAY – 02.12.14


Four FREE events in LRC-105:

12 noon: Pornography: Three Viewpoints

Watch and discuss the three different views (from TED) on the changing place of pornography in our personal lives and culture.  Featuring Ran Gavrieli: “Why I Stopped Watching Porn,” Gary Wilson: “The Great Porn Experiment,” and Cindy Gallop: “Make Love, Not Porn.” Facilitators: Professors Pam Flaherty and Don Button. FREE in LRC-105

1:30 pm: Sex and Aging presentation / discussion

Is there sex after 60?  How old is too old for making whoopee?  We will explore trends of older adult sexuality and our youth-centered cultural values that seems to lead to sexual invisibility for older adults — using media examples, profiles of older adult lovers, and entertain both institutional and social responses to older adult sexuality. Facilitator: Professor Pam Flaherty. FREE in LRC-105

3:00 pm: Live Nude Girls Unite! – film screening / discussion [info]

Documentary look at the 1996-97 effort of the dancers and support staff at a San Francisco peep show, The Lusty Lady, to unionize. We see the women work, sort out their demands, and go through the difficulties of bargaining. The narrator is Julia Query, a dancer and stand-up comedian who is reluctant to tell her mother, a physician who works with prostitutes, that she strips. Facilitator: Professor Sherri Patton. FREE in LRC-105

4:30 pm: How To Lose Your Virginity – film screening / discussion [info]

What has launched both Purity Balls and porn, defines a young woman’s morality–and has no medical definition? Welcome to the confounding world of How To Lose Your Virginity, a fun and funny documentary that uncovers the myths and misogyny surrounding a rite of passage that many obsesses about but few truly understand. Facilitators: Professors Sherri Patton and Don Button. FREE in LRC-105



Janet Hardy, co-author of The Ethical Slut

Janet Hardy
 – “What Is Sex, Anyway?: Looking Beyond the Binaries of Gender, Orientation and Behavior.”

Ms. Hardy is the co-author of The Ethical Slut: A Guide To Infinite Sexual Possibilities; Radical Ecstacy; The New Topping Book; The New Bottoming Book; and others.

JUST ADDED!! Opening for Ms. Hardy will be an exclusive performance by the Sizzling Sirens, Sacramento’s Original Burlesque Experience! best group - Sizzling Sirens

SCC Student Center
7PM – 9PM
FREE to all

VIP front row seating can be purchased for $10 at EventBriteCom


(schedule subject to change)


LRC-105 is located on the ground floor of the Learning Resource Center on the south side of the SCC Quad area. The Student Center is on the east side of the quad, attached to the South Gym. Guests may park in the lots or structure at the northeast corner of campus. Purchase a $1 pass at one of the parking pass kiosks in the lots before parking or entering the parking structure. Plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early to find parking and walk to the event. [campus map]

Some event content is of an adult nature, but age–appropriate for most high school students as well. All ages allowed, with parental supervision and guidance as needed.

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